Product & Material

Our warehouses include a huge inventory of auto glass and regular plate glass that will most definitely cover the demands of our customers. If an item is needed and is not available in one of our warehouses, it will get ordered from one of our affiliates whether within Canada or outside Canada.

Industrial Products

At Alert Glass, it is of utmost importance that we use first line premium products. In addition to durability, we always ensure that the product is manufactured with complete accuracy and precision to fit 100% with no chance for water leaks, air whistles, or clarity compromise.


Also, to further ensure product quality, each individual item is visually scanned thoroughly before any installation.

Adhesive Products
The material and sealant kits we use to seal glass parts are top grad brand products that are fully certified and have been in the industry for many years.

These sealant kits are made specifically to chemically bond glass with metal and other materials. Once dry, the bond is solid to withstand all motion shocks, harsh environment conditions and extreme temperatures.