Work Procedure

Our certified technicians take the time to ensure proper glass installation. We make it a point to remove any items that are in the way of the installations. This, as a result, will consume more of the technician’s time and effort, but ensures proper seal and installation – which is our main goal.

Installation Experts

Once all hindering accessories are out of the way, the broken glass is removed using specialized tools. In cases were sealant is needed (e.g. windshield replacement), the frame will be thoroughly cleaned. In the case of older cars, rust might exist on the metal frame. If that is the case, we do our best to file down all the rust. Then, primer is applied to the metal frame to help prevent rust for reoccurring.  After that, a different chemical compound is applied on the glass which will activate a chemical bond reaction once it touches the sealant. The last step is to apply the sealant on the frame and install the glass. All parts are then put back together. 


It is crucial to be thorough with these installation steps and all the details involved. At Alert Glass, cutting corners to reduce cost is not an option.

Screwdriver and Wrench
Before our service technicians leave, they will take the time to provide you with some important safety tips that you will need to follow for a few days after installation.