Stone Chips & Cracks

Cracked Glass

After noticing a considerable number of disappointed customers from the repair of stone chips, Alert Glass management decided to asses stone chip repairs. The reason is that in most cases the repairs are temporary. The fine, barely visible cracks around the stone chip may grow into noticeable long cracks from the continuous motion of the vehicle which then are hard to contain.


After spending a certain amount to have the stone chip fixed, the frustration is quite understandable. Not to forget that the stone chip itself along with the material used for the repair attempt will remain within your visual angle, which in addition to the fact that this is quite inconvenient; it also could be dangerously distracting.

Once a crack is evident, from both safety and law perspectives, the glass should be replaced. Unfortunately, during our years of service, we have encountered a considerable number of customers who were fined for operating their motor vehicles with cracked windshields.