Alert Glass

We're Alert when no one is



          We provide a life time warranty to our customer on the workmanship. In other words, if you experience any water leaks, air whistling or any other issues related to the work that was done after the installation of the glass, then we will resolve the issue under warranty and at no extra charge to you.


          Therefore, it is in the best of our interest to do the job right from the first time. As you can see, we do not have the option of cutting corners on any job whether with the glass product, material, time or proper installation steps that are required to complete the work. Because otherwise, this means we will need to fix problems in the future, and that will cost us time, effort, material and reputation.

          Keep in mind that competition might offer similar warranties. Their perspective is that if they have not received a call back from the customer as a complaint because of a certain problem, like water or air leak, then the job, overall, was more profitable since less material and cheaper service and products were provided. Even when the customer calls back for a repair under their warranty, they may hounor that and offer minimal repair. In which case the customer's time is also being wasted.